Game Review: Call of Duty Blacks OPS 4 for PS4

CoD Black OPS 4 PS4 cover
Black Ops 4 is here looking to entice experienced players with exciting new twists but taking away campaign mode. Is this something good or bad? Let’s read on to find out. Developer Treyarch is firm believers that the future of gaming is in multiplayer modes. Black Ops’4 proved the best venue to prove their point. The game has a playfield for battle royale-like action named “Blackout mode” that feels more like an homage to all the things that have made this title such a great series. Place on top an innovative Zombie mode and good old fashioned multiplayer, and the game feels like a solid entry in the series. Sadly, there is a big “but” in the way in the form of technical issues that make the game feel like an unfinished product as well as [Read More..]

PlayStation 4 Games on PC with PS4 Emulator Software

PS4 Emulator PC ScreenshotToday comes one fabulous share for all PC preferred gamers!
– PS4 Emulator! Whats is it? As its name says, it emulates console (SONY PlayStation 4) games so they can be played on your desktop computer or laptop. It’s special software you have to install like any other program you do and then run it every time you wish to play PS4 games. Sounds very interesting to have admit it!

PS4Emus developers made it to work properly on both Windows and Mac operating systems. So whatever you have of these two, take this chance and make your computer big gaming beast which can play all nowadays top popular games, whatever they’re console or PC ones!

You can Download PS4 Emulator from its site where you can get it for free. As its developers promised they build their tools to help gamers from all over the world to “fully enjoy gaming lifestyle”.

What are minimum system requirements to play games properly with this application? [Read More..]

Are nowadays games lost spirit and is it all about graphics?

Video Games Spirit CoverIf we look back at video games history since beginning until today then we really have what to see. It’s huge improvement in all aspects, and the biggest one is graphic quality. To see how first video games looked since 1947. you do at this Wikipedia page.
But did everything about games improve by today games? If you ask me, today’s games has big progress especially when it comes to GFX, and in gameplay controlling too. But lacks in originality and stories. Why?

My honest opinion is there is no more good ideas to make new innovative games, something which [Read More..]