Are nowadays games lost spirit and is it all about graphics?

Video Games Spirit CoverIf we look back at video games history since beginning until today then we really have what to see. It’s huge improvement in all aspects, and the biggest one is graphic quality. To see how first video games looked since 1947. you do at this Wikipedia page.
But did everything about games improve by today games? If you ask me, today’s games has big progress especially when it comes to GFX, and in gameplay controlling too. But lacks in originality and stories. Why?

My honest opinion is there is no more good ideas to make new innovative games, something which will be unique and what isn’t used in some other game or story before. All games what is coming new today are replicas from some older ones in past. If you ask me the best epic game titles were between 1995. and 2010. Maybe even earlier then 2010. It is true that todays games are more gfx richer then older ones. But old games has something addictive inside which you couldn’t see anywhere before.

For example lets take RPG genre (Role-Playing-Game) genre on consoles. The first big popular one was Final Fantasy VII, then later titles which came after it until XII (Even this one was some kind boring if you ask me). There were of course similar JRPGs to FF, like great one Dragon Quest VIII for PlayStation 2. There were of course some other epic ones like Kingdom Hearts, Digimon World 3 etc etc. But after you satiate yourself with gaming style like this anything new what comes can be nice and addictive at first sight, but after few hours of playing you feel it’s not that addictive to keep you continue it playing anymore because you already saw similar stories before.

It’s completely same with other genres. I just took RPGs for example to explain it deeper what I mean.
Overall I just can’t enjoy any new game like old ones in my first times when I played games, both console ones and PC ones. There are some exceptions of course but very very little of them. Almost all of todays games lacks in originality and to provide players something new which they can remember decades after finishing it and remember some parts of stories from their favorite games.

And funny thing in all this is I don’t even blame game producers for this. Maybe there aren’t any new ideas to make game story unique any more. Maybe it all got saturated. Because this is not just case in gaming industry, but in movies as well, books, everything. Maybe we’re all judged to go back in past in repeat everything again. And that’s not funny at all. Maybe the world end is coming very soon.. (Now I gone too far haha xD)

Anyway maybe I just got old. Know knows. If you have anything to add or discuss, feel free to add a comment below!