Game Review: Call of Duty Blacks OPS 4 for PS4

CoD Black OPS 4 PS4 cover
Black Ops 4 is here looking to entice experienced players with exciting new twists but taking away campaign mode. Is this something good or bad? Let’s read on to find out. Developer Treyarch is firm believers that the future of gaming is in multiplayer modes. Black Ops’4 proved the best venue to prove their point. The game has a playfield for battle royale-like action named “Blackout mode” that feels more like an homage to all the things that have made this title such a great series. Place on top an innovative Zombie mode and good old fashioned multiplayer, and the game feels like a solid entry in the series. Sadly, there is a big “but” in the way in the form of technical issues that make the game feel like an unfinished product as well as the old multiplayer maps that hold Black Ops 4 from being a great game.

Black Ops 4 – What is New and What is Gone

Let’s address the elephant in the room: the absence of a classic campaign mode is disappointing for a few gamers. Though they are accounted for and very few, there are still many people in the world who don’t enjoy at all the virtues of online gameplay and prefer to delve on a game on their own terms. Take that big issue out of the equation are you are still left with a complete reworking or reimagining of a few modes and formulas that seemed unalterable. The game has three rather large and overly extensive maps — a Zombie Mode where you don’t fight your peers. And the Blackout multiplayer that has some striking similarities to the popular formula used by Fortnite to keep players on a gameplay loop. Old fashioned multiplayer gets a narrative from a specialist HQ, which passes as a training ground for each of the characters in the field. All of them have their introductory missions, and each one has a cutscene.

The Technical Issues Come with a Vengeance

Before taking a look at each one of the modes let’s examine the technical issues we mentioned earlier. Like almost all the past entries of the Black Ops saga, this one has a long list of technical problems as well as balance problems that plague every single mode. One of the top issues out of our heads is the team up feature in Blackout mode that doesn’t work as it should. Theater falls apart consistently. Sure, developer Treyarch has been great at staying on top of said issues by informing players about new updates on their social media networks, but it wouldn’t hurt them to release a finished product for once, to begin with. At the time of this review, the company has still to address bugs and problems found with equipment like the 9-Bang, or the bugs found in Zombie mode, and the erratic re-spawn issues in multiplayer.

The Play Modes of Black Ops 4

Zombie Mode
Zombie Mode is synonymous with survival gameplay where the last man standing wins by supporting each player sharing the map with them. The mode launched with several maps and a whole bunch of customization features. It’s been trimmed down to make it more accessible but also more challenging, too. The new Rush is a unique way to play Zombie Mode that allows you to challenge players to rack up multipliers and zombie kills as quick as you can. You could say that Black Ops 4’s Zombie mode is a showcase of confidence from the developing team that shows how much they have improved the formula. Now you can access a tutorial and a more streamlined single player experience with an extensive catalog of customization features.

Blackout Mode
The game’s most prominent new feature, Blackout mode is being marketed as the main draw of the game for modern audiences, so this mode may not be the best thing for veteran players. For starters, it’s incredibly dynamic demands for you to be knowledgeable of your surroundings as well as the weapons you have at your disposal. In this mode, death means instant game over, and much of your chances rely heavily on the luck of your drop point. It certainly seems impressive, but it requires patience, and it’s a free-for-all confrontation meaning no team-ups Blackout is incredibly intuitive and is best played on a first-person shooter focus. Sadly, this is also one of the game modes more affected by technical issues so it’s too early to make a call about how it can change the BO experience until everything is fixed.

Multiplayer is the one mode more akin to a classic setting for old time players in Black Ops 4. The gameplay here now has a few tactical twists to make it more interesting. Now all players will enjoy an overall weapon balance. There is no more automatic health regeneration, so the kill shots are far more effective. The main problem of this mode is that all the maps found here are remakes of old games, and that’s a problem. There are also the terrible design choices on spawn areas that allow more aggressive players to pick off players just as they’re coming up. Other than that players get to be more tactical with a set of viable weapons and without having to sacrifice full frontal engagements.

Closing Thoughts

Developer Treyarch uses a smart combination of formats to create a brand new Black Ops full of fun modes to keep us coming back for more. The rough edges of the game can hold it back from being something better than it actually is once the issues have been worked out we might have the perfectly balanced shooter experience of this generation.

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