How to Protect Steam & Other Gaming Accounts from Hackers

Steam hackingWe live in world where every day large number of online accounts and websites are getting hacked and information stolen. This not just includes game accessing accounts like Steam, accounts for various online games to play and such, but overall online accounts as well, like FB, Instagram, Hotmail, Gmail or every other!

Hackers lurks in every corner in aim to fool their victims by many ways. And most useful one is to trick their mind to hook them like it’s something else from what they think what’s really is. This is called social engineering method in hackers world. This will be one of example how it works:
You get an email message to your mail account. (It will probably go to your junk folder), but if hacker is really professional it will go to your Inbox, and now most inexperienced internet users fails here and got tricked. Example of these email messages would be something like “You have just won free PSN code, confirm now!” where in confirm link there will be tricky page owned by hacker which looks exactly like real SONY’s one, and if you input your real information there like your email and password (Some people use same passwords for all online accounts, which is really bad) you’ll get screwed!

The trick to protect yourself from foolish hacking attempts like these above is to just be smart and open your eyes to recognize if something tries to trick you or not. If something is too good to be true rather ignore it and immediately delete messages like these or report them as spam.

Second important thing is to install antivirus protection to block all kind of these phishing emails and it will also prevent you from downloading various malicious files to your computer which are often found bind with keygens and cracks. And tools like these are often used by gamers so always watch out what you’re downloading and scan it to make sure it’s virus clean.

These small tricks are more then enough to prevent your accounts from getting stolen. Always learn and make sure to stay safe.